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Terms and Conditions

This website is provided by Bank of China Turkey A.Ş. for information provision only.

Bank of China Turkey A.Ş. authorizes customers to use the website base on the following conditions. Customers shall carefully read the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Copyright Notice and these Terms and Conditions. Customers who do not agree the terms and conditions please do not use the website or download materials.

Limited Permission

Website Use

Bank of China Turkey A.Ş. authorizes customers the non-exclusive and non-transferable limited rights to visit, use, and show the website and its data. Customers shall agree not to interrupt or try to interrupt the processing of this website. Bank of China Turkey A.Ş. authorizes customers to read and download the materials on the website for personal rather than commercial use only if the customers ensure to remain all the copyrights of original files and other materials on the copies. Customers shall not modify, copy, publicly display, publish, or distribute such materials, or use them for any public or commercial purpose in any form. Bank of China Turkey A.Ş. forbids anyone to use these data on other websites or online computers for any purpose. The materials on this website are under copyright protection, any unauthorized use may cause copyright infringement, violation of trademark law or other laws. If a customer disobeys any provision herein, the authorization to his/her use of this website may terminate automatically, and he/she shall destroy the downloaded or printed materials immediately.

Software Use

For download of any software on this website, customers shall read and accept the license provisions on the software for use; otherwise the customer shall not download or install such software.

Customer Service

Customers can only use the services of Bank of China Turkey A.Ş. and contents, information and data thereof for legitimate purposes. Customers shall not upload, publish or spread materials or information with slandering, dirty or obscene words and pictures, any illegal or interest infringing materials or information, or information contained with begging for money, service or advertisement through service.