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Privacy Policy

Bank of China Turkey A.Ş. shall strictly obey the confidentiality obligations prescribed by Turkey laws, keeping confidential all customer data for transactions through electronic channels and not disclosing the customer data to any third party without consent of the customers or legal permission.


Bank of China Turkey A.Ş. shall protect the data privacy of customers.

For any questions about this Declaration, customers may consult the webmaster via the customer service mailbox, and the Bank will reply within seven days.

The Bank hereby promises that:

I. Customers' personal data on this website shall be kept confidential.

The contact information of customers shall not be disclosed by the website unless required by due process. The purpose of the Bank to collect customers' personal information is to provide personalized experience, send relative information and provide better services. However, the advertiser will not, in any case, get the customers’ account information from the Bank with the exception of customers' explicit authorization.

II. The Bank shall not use the information of any customer on the website or online information reviewed by customers, or disclose it to any other person.

The Bank may automatically collect any information on regions or websites of customers accessing to bank services, but it will not record the IP address of its website visitors. And the Bank will not share the information with other companies. Instead, it will summarize such data to know how customers use the services as a whole, so as to improve the Bank’s services. The Bank may also share the summarized information browsed by customers with its partners (subject to confidentiality) without disclosure of such information. However, the Bank will not track the online information visited by customers, and once customers click any link to other websites, the privacy policy of the Bank will cease to be valid.

III. The Bank protects customer privacy through management measures such as safe technology and privacy protection and limitation to employees' access to customer data. Only a few authorized employees may get access to personal data of customers, and the Bank's compliance with local data protection laws is under the supervision of data protection specialists.